Monday, 19 November 2012

Countdown to Christmas in Lytham

Saturday 17th November saw the biggest Christmas Lights switch on that the sleepy seaside town of Lytham has seen in years.

The Crowds at Lytham Switch On

Over 4,000 members of the public flocked to the piazza to enjoy an afternoon of entertainment, that was promoted by Lytham Business Partnership,
Brenda Blackshaw, Helen Vavaso et moi
in asociation with Cuffe and Taylor (my place of work), BBC Radio Lancashire and RSS Events.

Shaun and Claire Foy of RSS Events with Peter, Rachel and Jason

Catherine of Zime Design and Stuart Hurst

It was an early start on Saturday, and the first thing to arrive on site was the stage.

Coffee at Java

Whilst this was being built we all congregated in Java, for a well earned cup of coffee, to warm us all up.

Java is normally a high-end eating establishment, but as you can see it was momentarily turned into a glamorous truckers cafe.
I am sure Helen and Tony wanted us out of there as quick as possible, before we affected trade...

The Switch

The event was a a roaring success, that culminated in Russell Watson switching the lights of Lytham on.

But not before we had a little bit of role play back at the office!!.

Here you see the famous switch that is normally reserved for the Blackpool Illuminations, this highly technical piece of equipment allowed Russell to illuminate the whole of Lytham..but not before it was fully tested by our team Rachel, Brett and Aidan.

Helen presenting Russell with a beautiful bouquet courtesy of Zime Design
I have to say that the event went really well, but if I was pushed to determine my favorite moment, it would have to be when I met the Big Guy himself - Father Christmas. I just thought I would put my order in early - well seeing as he was in the area, it would have been rude not to!!!
The Big Guy - Father Christmas
Other special guest appearances where from Nickleodeon - the glamourous Dora the Explorer, and Sponge Bob Square Pants.
Me and Jason - starstruck!!!

The Town Cryer also made an appearance, to encourage the crowds to gather at the stage to be entertained by the likes of Lytham Community Choir, Freckleton Brass Band, Boy Band Re-connected,Silver Medallist Shelly Wood, and local party band The Love Rats.

The Love Rats
The Love Rats base player Paul Farrel amazed Russell Watson with his amzing likeness to himself. Paul has been mistaken for the Voice before now, but even the real thing couldn't believe his eyes when he caught up with him at the side of the stage!!
Russell Watson meets his twin
All in all - it was a brilliant night - and we hope that 2013 will be even bigger!!!!

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